Theater Jones Reviews “Our Hospitality”

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Wayne Lee Gay, Theatre Jones

Comedy in Music

The Dallas Chamber Symphony opened its season with another fantastic original score to a classic silent film, this time Our Hospitality.

…The musicians, all of them constantly exposed—there’s no place to hide in an ensemble this small—responded with uniform virtuosity; conductor Richard McKay, the orchestra’s founding music director (and no relation to the fictional McKays of Our Hospitality), has become a sure and steady hand at conducting a live orchestra to accompany a silent film.

Productions of this sort provide numerous benefits, including support for living composers and a fresh musical experience for local concert-goers. Equally important, events of this nature expose audiences to the communal experience of silent cinema in a theater with live music, as well as the opportunity for the commissioned composers—many of whom work almost exclusively in the film industry—to hear live, entirely acoustic performance of their music.

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