What’s the Secret to Being a Great Composer?

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Michael Granberry, Dallas Morning News
Published March 14th

Kimberly Osberg grew up hearing really scary stories. Her mother was “a singer who was really passionate about theater.” So, some of the stories her mother read came from the chilling repertoire of Edgar Allan Poe.

For Osberg, 26, it was never a case of being so frightened that she would mutter to Mom, “Nevermore.” Rather, she was a good student and a quick learner who flat-out loved the stories her mother read.

Mom just didn’t know how much until recently.

Her daughter grew up to write an opera, as an undergraduate, based on Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart. During her days as a graduate student at Indiana University, New Voices Opera performed her Poe-inspired work as a world premiere.

All of which set the stage for Osberg to move to Dallas, where on March 23, the Dallas Chamber Symphony will perform her next world premiere, Rocky Summer, inspired by a hike to the top of a Colorado mountain where, breathlessly, she was able to see lightning at eye level…

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You can also learn more about Kimberly at her website: www.kimberlyosberg.com

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