Twist On Risk

Opportunities for at-risk youth to learn through musical performance.

Through “Twist on Risk: Maturing through Music,” the DCS engages Dallas area “at-risk” youth struggling with delinquency, recidivism, neglect, or lack of opportunity through live performances of classical, world and jazz music. Designed in collaboration with Dallas County Juvenile Department (DCJD) staff to support character development for boys and girls enrolled at Medlock, Youth Village and JJAEP, “Twist” promotes music education, personal and social development.

DCS gives youth ages 10-17 and their adult mentors/caregivers chances to discover and enjoy live music through scripted concerts that explore concepts key to becoming resilient, productive community members: emotions/self-expression, impulse control/personal management, collaborative/conflict resolution skills, stress management, and psychological toughness.

For more information about Twist On Risk, please contact:

Barbara Vance

Communications Director
(214) 449-1294; 906
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